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Registration begins at 11:30 am.  Class begins at NOON.

Persons arriving after the start of class(NOON)

WILL NOT receive credit for the class.

No Exceptions

2024 Schedule

See you in September  With Fall Schedule 

virtual workshops

See you in September  



VIRTUAL/Online CEU Training: 

All Virtual Classes:  8 am—11:30 am

Refund Policy: Contractor Training Store(CTS) will issue refunds on a case by case basis. All refund requests must be made to the CTS Office either by phone, fax or email. All refunds will be made by check within ten days of refund approval or by credit memo for use at future educational events. If a refund for a credit card transaction is approved the same day the transaction occurs, CTS will attempt to cancel the transaction; otherwise a refund check will be issued.

Privacy Policy: CTS does not collect or share financial information for payments made to CES.

Terms: Payment terms are either upon registration for CTS educational events or else by special arrangement through the CTS office.

Questions about these policies or terms should be submitted to the CTS office.