Policy Page

In-person classes

Certificate Validity:  Certificates of training issued at the end of an in-person class are valid only if the person named on the certificate completed the workshop, sign-in sheet, including signature, the time in and the time out.

Refund Policy: Contractor Training Store (CTS) will issue refunds on a case by case basis for in-person classes.   All refund requests must be made to the CTS Office either by phone or email. All refunds will be made by check within ten days of refund approval or by credit memo for use at future educational events. If a refund for a credit card transaction is approved the same day the transaction occurs, CTS will attempt to cancel the transaction; otherwise a refund check will be issued.

Privacy Policy: CTS does not collect or share financial information for payments made to CTS.

Terms: Payment terms are either upon registration for CTS educational events or else by special arrangement through the CTS office.

Pre-registration:  Pricing for pre-registration can be found on the CONTRACTORTRAININGSTORE.NET website.  Pre-registration ends at 7 am on the day prior to class except Pre-registration ends 2 days prior to class when two classes are conducted on consecutive days.

Walk-in registration:  Walk-in registration will be allowed provided there is adequate seating space available.  Walk-in registration will require an additional $15 fee to cover the cost of individual processing of registration, providing same day Certificates of Attendance, separate in house recording of registration and reporting of CEU's to IDPH.

Questions about these policies or terms should be submitted to the CTS office.


Virtual/Online Classes

Certificates of Training issued at the end of virtual classes are only valid if the person named on the certificate completed the workshop and was visible during the class by the monitors. 

Persons driving or visually absent for more than 10 minutes will be considered not in attendance and a Certificate of Training will not be issued nor will CEU's be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The person with the license must be the person in attendance. 

No-one may sit in and take a class for another person.

Attendees not in view of the camera and visible to class monitors will not be given credit for attendance. 

Persons not visible and in attendance for the entire 3 hours of training will not be given CEU credits. 

Partial credit will not be reported. For 3 CEU's to be reported, attendees must be present (in camera view) at the beginning of class and throughout the entire class(except breaks). 

Failure to attend a class after pre registration without an email, text, or phone call to the ILLINOIS LAND IMPROVEMENT CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION  at 309-932-1230 or ryan@ilica.net prior to the beginning of class(8:00 a.m. on the day of class)) will not receive a refund or transfer to another class. Refunds or transfer to another class will be considered for emergency or health related situations on a case by case basis. Refunds or transfer to another class for convenience or failure to attend without notice prior to class will not be given.